A venture design studio for startups and corporate innovation.

We are a collective of entrepreneurial developers and designers who help to build new brands, platforms and marketplaces.

We create purpose driven brands.

We help to define your mission and build a brand that spark community and grow your team in future.

We help to prototype and design digital products.

Build fast and learn fast. We challenge and test everything. Our expertise is in building complex products in a cost-efficient way with modern low- and no-code tools and platforms.

We automate processes and measure key data.

We build measurable KPIs for each project. We create efficient digital marketing and user acquisition campaigns and funnels.

Network that gets you further.

Besides product design and development, we also offer support for legal, work space, funding, hiring and more.

Ready to hear more?

Our process starts with the opportunity identification sprint together. There’s a very limited commitment or risk on both sides. If we both decide to go ahead with the new idea, we start the marathon together.

Contact us to hear more:
Nikolas Holm
+358 456 30 7891